The One Night Stand

She does not believe in One Night Stands nor did she ever did. He was just a spring of her life on a chilly winter afternoon.From complete strangers to a lunch date followed by fortnight romance. She never regretted meeting him nor did she ever want to meet him again. It was just a season and … More The One Night Stand

Her  Wish List

Yes, you heard me right I am an idiot, even a donkey is cleverer than me and I have no words to describe my stupidity. My brains are not even placed in my knees and I was surely sleeping when brains were getting distributed.   MAY 2013 ME: “Lets breakup” HE: “Why do u want … More Her  Wish List

Guide to Gratitude

Gratitude… What is gratitude??Gratitude is being grateful for.While viewing the secret I found people stressing on gratitude journals and counting things every morning tobe  grateful for.I tried it for couple of weeks but I felt it more of a boring routine rather than thankfulness.So though at the beginning it started showing results but with time … More Guide to Gratitude