An Open letter to MR.RIGHT. (Dil se version.)

Mr Right

Dear Mr Right,

I know you exist. I know that, you know that I exist but I know, that you know that we both don’t know that we both exist or maybe we do. You may be the guy I am currently in love with, but no flowers fell from the heaven, neither did anyone play violin as taught by Mr.SRK nor there were any big fluorescent billboard flashing ‘He is the one’ behind you. So amongst 663 million male populations in India isn’t it difficult for me to find you? With all Mr. Wrongs around is it too wrong for me even to doubt your whereabouts? I am protective towards my feelings too. Heart breaks hurt females too like it do to you only advantage we have is to shed tears with our bffs. So we are not heart breakers by nature. I know you are searching for me and in the process if you too break my heart due to the above misunderstanding I will forgive you definitely. I do love the small things you do for me whether it may be waiting for me after work, walking almost a couple of kilometres just to drop me home , calling me just as your flightslanded,calling me in between meetings just to find out about my day, getting my favourite chocolate every time we meet without fail, singing songs for me. You are the best let me tell you and I mean it. Life is not a 180 minutes movie so all the small things are usually the big things, they matter a lot. Overnight chats, coffee dates and holding hands are the overwhelming and joyous but not so pleasant circumstances are there too and keeping cool always is sometimes difficult so momentary rudeness is common. Just deleting the momentary outburst is the best option in hand. So I don’t mind your outbursts and I hope you prefer the same too.
Do you have the slightest idea that you have the most powerful remote of the world?
My Emotions.
You can make me laugh and you can make me cry. Trust me you have it.
Whenever I say I love you. Believe me I mean each and every word I speak, you mean the world to me.
“You are every reason, every hope and every dream I’ve ever had.”
My saying this doesn’t mean I don’t have self respect and I cannot stand for myself but it’s that I care more about you. So my love for you is not my weakness.
You are not just a great sexual treat (I mean you are good) but you are much more than that. Your words are as loving as your actions are.
Everyone has faults and everyone’s faults can be irritating. The best known antidote to irritation is appreciation. So when you appreciate me, pamper me it boosts my confidence. I consider you as my greatest critic. So if I criticise you ever or don’t appreciate you it’s not that I don’t love you. My love for you is not momentary, its forever, where ever you might be.
You make me smile, laugh. You are the only person with whom I can speak my heart out without thinking of the consequences because with you I know I am in safe hands.
None of us is perfect and it’s a fact so isn’t it reasonable to relax a few habits and be happy forever.
You are a perfect gentleman and I am happy to have My handsome Mr. Perfect

Miss Right.


11 thoughts on “An Open letter to MR.RIGHT. (Dil se version.)

  1. ohhoooo … this was awesome … the Mr Right .. Please Listen ….

    by the way i saw you at community pool… and i like your blog a lot … also the design is so candid and peacefull that it mystifies…

    this is my blog hope you will like it and give me some suggestions as well as reviews …

    Liked by 1 person

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