Nothing Is By Chance:)

In life nothing is by chance. Each and every thing we pass across has a significant role in our life and if it does not teach us something then its  a clear indication that its role is not yet finished in our life.

I may sound strange but I firmly believe in this theory.On a daily basis we meet many people do we have choice in FB_20151010_23_55_12_Saved_Picturemeeting  them?We don’t.It’s all meant to be and each person we meet has a role to play in our life before they leave the stage where drama named “Our life” is being enacted.There may be situations where these people may take a break and disappear for a few acts of the play but they will soon return to the centre stage to complete their unfinished characters.So the question arising now is if everything is pre decided then what is in our hands?The answer is to take action at the right moment.

I shall cite an example there is a senior teacher from whom I was taking classes a year back,according to rules of the class if a student coulFB_20151012_17_36_48_Saved_Pictured solve a sum he would be  rewarded with a Dairy Milk Crackle .Since he taught the toughest subject in the course getting a chocolate was very difficult,like all the students in class I too wanted the chocolate very badly but throughout the six months course I never had a single chance to grab one so as the classes were near to end I gave up all hopes of bagging my reward but the universe knew my wish on the very last day I could solve one sum with proper statements but I was not sure of the answer.The Universe did respond to my wish but it was now my turn to act,I had two choices to show my ans to sir or not to show,Universe did it’s part of job now it was my turn to do mines and I did show my copy to sir and yes I got my reward.

There is situatioFB_20151011_00_02_19_Saved_Picturen in life when things do not go our way and we curse the Universe for it and I myself do it many times but we forget that nothing in life remains unfinished if you have left some story unfinished that story
will crop up in your life again in future to end itself.Universe knows us better than us and it knows what is best for us so trust it do not question it.So if it is the promotion you lost or a person suddenly got lost just wait and watch may be its in the green room touching up its make up,rehearsing it’s line for the final FB_20151010_23_58_14_Saved_Picturetime before reappearing on the screen.Just do not hold grudges against the Universe just loosen up yourself take a deep breath and let universe lift its veil before you and wait for the moment when the  Universe asks you to take action i.e. decision to accept or not to.Do not hesitate to take the decision then because Universe will not wait for you.With every decision a new chapter opens.Just follow your heart and enjoy because heart never misleads.Maybe the decision heart takes seem very difficult at first but at the end of the day it would be the best decision for you.

Just trust the greater force,do not be afraid love yourself,be your own favourite and soon the unfinished story will knock on  your door for your prompt reply just grab the moment.All the best 🙂 .



3 thoughts on “Nothing Is By Chance:)

  1. That’s neat pretty neat, how you summed it all up, kudos. You’re right the Universe aka Brahmaand/Shrishti puts all it’s might in delievering us from the evil, and then there we stand with a choice to make ; whether or not we should be redefining either – the universe , the evil or us! 🙂


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