NEED OF MY BRAIN:Changing the Mindset

Dear Readers,

So finally I am here writing yet another blog.Its time for my thank you speech since I got a overwhelming response from all over the globe.Thank you for loving my blogs.I actually wanted to write this for a long time. Blogging has connected me so many of my readers,their lives,their views.I just realised problems of people all over the globe is same .I am not the only person daydreaming.My fellow blogers will understand what I mean by the last sentence.


So as we all know our mind is a powerful tool and we can get impossible stuffs done through it. I have myself trained my mind into achieving lots of my impossible goals.Recently on a particular area of my life I feel stuck and since I am  not been able to think positive or negative about imagesthe situation I am midway in stagnancy  for a couple of years now.Thinking of a happy
ending seems impossible and imagining a negative outcome is too scary.I feel distressed about my situation.Its high time for finding a solution.So my dear readers – need your help and suggestion about daydreaming and getting out of the blockage.



Hiirr  ♥   🙂

P.S.:Suggestions and tips eagerly awaited. 🙂illustration-of-thinking-brain-mascot-with-question-mark_146362547


9 thoughts on “NEED OF MY BRAIN:Changing the Mindset

  1. Hey Aritrika, i don’t think daydreaming as a problem or this is my fascination telling you ,&me as well otherwise! You want a solution so i may just have one, try imagining in your daydreams that you have found one( the solution); might come in handy! 🙂

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  2. Dear,
    Day dreaming is one of the problems many of us have in common. In my view, although it is very difficult to overcome it completely, yet it can be reduced to a great extent by keeping yourself busy doing certain work. When you are busy, you won’t daydream. Another way is to tell your mind everytime you go for daydreaming to stop thinking like that. You can set alarm every half an hour so that even if you go day dreaming you will comeback when alarm triggers.


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